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Filing Motor Car Claim

Filing Motor Car Claim


       1. Complete photocopy of the face of the Policy Contract and Policy Schedule
       2. Photocopy of the Official Receipt (OR) of premium payment
       3. Photocopy of Endorsement (if any)
       4. Photocopy of Car Registration and Motor Vehicle Registration Receipt
       5. Photocopy of Driver’s License and OR
       6. Police Report
       7. Affidavit of the driver (if the circumstances are not clear in the police report)


For Total Loss
       1. Purchase Invoice/ Delivery Receipt
       2. Outstanding balance from the bank (if mortgaged)

For Carnap
       1. Complaint Sheet
       2. Alarm Sheet
       3. Original Keys
       4. Purchase Invoice/ Delivery Receipt

For Third Party Property Damage
       1. Insurance Policy
       2. Car Registration and Official Receipt
       3. Driver’s License and Official Receipt
       4. Certificate of No Claim from Insurer
       5. Stencil of Motor and Chassis Number
       6. Colored pictures
       7. Estimates

For Third Party Other than Vehicle
       1. Colored pictures of the damaged property
       2. Estimated cost of repairs of the damaged property
       3. Proof of ownership
       4. Stencil of Motor and Chassis Number of insured vehicle

For Third Party Bodily Injury
       1. Medical Certificate
       2. Receipts of Medicine
       3. Hospital Bills
       4. Birth Certificate (if minor)
       5. Stencil of Motor and Chassis Number of Insured Vehicle

For Third Party Death
       1. Death Certificate
       2. Funeral Receipts
       3. Marriage Contract (if married)
       4. Birth Certificate (if minor or single)
       5. Stencil of Motor and Chassis Number of insured vehicle


1. Report to the nearest police station for investigation and secure a copy of the police investigation report
2. SUBMIT ALL THE REQUIRED DOCUMENTS either to the branch, agency or dealer where you acquired your insurance
3. The outlet where you filed your documents shall assign your claim to the Company’s official estimator for the inspection of the unit to determine the fair extent of damage sustained.
5. The outlet where you filed your claim will inform you of the approved amount of claim and the amount of your participation in betterments. This will be done either by:
       o Letter of Authority (LOA) addressed to the shop which will undertake the repair, or
       o Cash Settlement


1. Never have your unit repaired without approval of the Company’s Claims Division. This is a ground for denial of claim.
2. In case insured unit is disabled, it is a requirement to make arrangements for safekeeping of the insured unit, as stated in your policy.
3. We strongly suggest that the photocopies of the first five general requirements be readily available (preferably inside the glove compartment of your car)