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Property Developers

Property Developers


  1. BONDS – Protects you from any loss that may arise from dishonesty of bonded individual.
  2. CAR/ EAR – Covers damage to and loss of insured items during the course of construction or erection.
  3. PROPERTY/ FIRE INSURANCE – Covers damages to property or warehouse caused by fire and other natural calamities.
  4. COMPREHENSIVE GENERAL LIABILITY – Protects you from risks involving accidental injuries and hospitalization of third parties within the property.
  5. GROUP PERSONAL ACCIDENT – Covers accidents and injuries of workers during course of construction.
  6. EMPLOYEE BENEFITS – Covers hospitalization and outpatient benefits of company employees.
  7. COMPREHENSIVE MOTOR CAR INSURANCE – Covers damages of company vehicles arising from accident, theft, and Acts of Nature (optional).

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