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Account Administration

WINEBRENNER & IÑIGO assigns an experienced team to regularly render the following services to each Client:

  • Bind Coverage with Insurer
  • Policy Issuance/Checking
  • Audits/Adjustments
  • Issuance of Certificates
  • Coordination of Broker’s Services
  • Periodic Review of Insurance Program to Ensure:
    • Client continues to be afforded the best terms and conditions
    • It remains attuned to the Client’s needs

Claim Handling/Settlement

Management of property losses after they occur is an integral part of the Property Risk Management Program. Accordingly, WINEBRENNER & IÑIGO is structured to assist the Client in implementing a program with the primary purpose of efficiently and equitably settling losses with optimum restoration of damaged property.

WINEBRENNER & IÑIGO provides the following property claims services:

  • Serve as One-Stop Shop for Reporting of Losses
  • Act as Liaison between Client and Insurance Carriers for the Purpose of Maintaining Open Communications and Judicious Reporting of Losses
  • Review All Loss Reports to Determine how Coverage is to be Applied and Negotiate with Insurer on Questionable Coverage Matters
  • Assist in the Preparation and Filing of Proofs of Loss
  • Visit the Sites of Major Property Losses to Obtain First-Hand Information and Facts as to the Cause of Loss, Extent of Damages, Estimated Cost of Repair and Replacement, and the Disposition of Salvage
  • Obtain Advance Payments Wherever Possible to Defray Repair Costs Pending Final Settlement
  • With Client’s Management, Negotiate Final Settlement of Losses
  • Periodically Review Open Losses with Insurance Carriers to Ensure a Prompt and Fair Settlement
  • Monitor Insurance Carriers’ Claim Service Performance and Make Proper Recommendations

Property Loss Control Engineering

WINEBRENNER & IÑIGO coordinates with the respective insurers to periodically undertake site inspection/visit of the risk, to determine/review loss exposure and recommend necessary loss control measures aimed at property conservation and reduced premium cost to the Client.

  • Extension of Client’s Risk Management Department
  • Risk Evaluation/Presentation
  • Coordination of Carrier/Client Meetings
  • Facility Visits at Major or Problem Locations
  • Priority Listing of Insurer’s Recommendations
  • Investigation of Major Property Losses

Initial Servicing

WINEBRENNER & IÑIGO’s professionalism starts at the very onset of negotiations with every new Client, by undertaking the following initial services:

  • Exposure Review
  • Compilation of All Underwriting Data
  • Program Analysis
  • Program Recommendations
  • Coverage Enhancements
  • Additional Coverages

Insurance Program Design/Marketing

WINEBRENNER & IÑIGO is fully equipped with risk management and marketing tools to effectively perform the following:

  • Primary Function: Act as Insured’s Representative in the Market
  • Evaluation of Market Conditions
  • Compilation of Coverage Specifications
  • Formulation of Marketing Strategies
  • Development of Program Design
  • Negotiation of Program with Qualified Markets
  • Presentation of Final Program to Insured 

Other Services


Claims information must be maintained in a concise and accurate format. This is accomplished with a Risk Management Information System.

All reported incidents are recorded in a database that is kept up-to-date in terms of settlement and insurer response so Client can obtain an immediate summary of claim activity.


In the unlikely event of a major claim arising, it is of paramount importance that swift action is taken to minimize damage and protect the interest of both Client and underwriters.

The appointment of a professional loss adjuster is essential. WINEBRENNER & IÑIGO continues to recommend high caliber adjusters who have well-established offices not only in the Philippines but also worldwide.


Insurance coverage for the most valuable asset of a company – its employees. WINEBRENNER & IÑIGO designs benefit plans such as Accident, Medical, and Group Life insurances to meet client’s needs.

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