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Claim Handling/Settlement

Claim Handling/Settlement

Management of property losses after they occur is an integral part of the Property Risk Management Program. Accordingly, WINEBRENNER & IÑIGO is structured to assist the Client in implementing a program with the primary purpose of efficiently and equitably settling losses with optimum restoration of damaged property.

WINEBRENNER & IÑIGO provides the following property claims services:

          * Serve as One-Stop Shop for Reporting of Losses

          * Act as Liaison between Client and Insurance Carriers for the Purpose of
            Maintaining Open Communications and Judicious Reporting of Losses

          * Review All Loss Reports to Determine how Coverage is to be Applied and
            Negotiate with Insurer on Questionable Coverage Matters

          * Assist in the Preparation and Filing of Proofs of Loss

          * Visit the Sites of Major Property Losses to Obtain First-Hand Information and
            Facts as to the Cause of Loss, Extent of Damages, Estimated Cost of Repair and
            Replacement, and the Disposition of Salvage

          * Obtain Advance Payments Wherever Possible to Defray Repair Costs Pending
            Final Settlement

          * With Client’s Management, Negotiate Final Settlement of Losses

          * Periodically Review Open Losses with Insurance Carriers to Ensure a Prompt
            and Fair Settlement

          * Monitor Insurance Carriers’ Claim Service Performance and Make Proper